Writing my way back to happiness

This week, the world overwhelmed me (and I am sure I am not the only one.) By the time I closed my work laptop at around 4:30pm yesterday, I was utterly despondent. If I did not live a 45-minute walk from the nearest grocery store, I might have gone to buy a bottle of wine. I actually thought about it a few times, because even though it was getting dark, the weather was rather nice. But I did not go.

I had to turn off the BBC World Service and find something else to listen to. Lately I have been enjoying the Cleops channel on YouTube which has a large collection of British TV shows going back decades, including some documentaries of the history of TV. I found something called Children’s TV on Trial and played the episodes about the 1950s and 1960s.

I had no idea of anything to write about here. So I went into a story I started writing several weeks ago. After watching a Ken Burns documentary about the life of Mark Twain, I had been inspired to write again. One of my favorite of his books is Letters From The Earth. I just love how comfortable he was writing about God. (And I suspect it was God’s idea to humor Sam Clemens by having him die the night of the return of Haley’s Comet, given that Sam Clemens had been born under Haley’s Comet on its previous visit.) Anyway, it was exactly the tone I needed to strike with my story. Well, it is not really a story — more like God going on a series of rants.

After just a few minutes I was feeling so much happier, writing about baby turtles making a mad dash down the beach to hopefully make it to the water before being eaten by something — with audio of clips from Andy Pandy and Camberwick Green for company. I took a break to watch a clip from The Clangers — and I almost fancied that God was rather tickled by its charm. Perhaps there is a life form like a clanger somewhere out there in the universe.

I wrote for a couple of hours. This is a story that I doubt I will ever share with anyone, let alone try to publish. It is more about writing my way back to happiness.

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